Track COVID Study

This study is looking for 4,000 people who have tested negative for COVID-19. This will include individuals from the general population who live in one of the following counties: Santa Clara, San Mateo, Alameda, Marin, Contra Costa, San Francisco.

As part of this study, you will complete

  • Monthly nasopharyngealnasal, and/or oral swabs for 9 months
  • Monthly blood draws for 9 months
  • Monthly online surveys for 9 months


Are you a healthcare worker at Stanford, UCSF, or ZSFGH? Please visit our COVID-19 Healthcare Worker Antibody and RT-PCR Tracking Study (CHART) website at to learn more and register.

Study Snapshot

The TrackCOVID study is looking for 4,000 adults who live in one of the following Bay Area counties: Santa Clara, San Mateo, Alameda, Marin, Contra Costa, San Francisco.

The purpose of this public health surveillance initiative is to understand how many people are currently infected with COVID-19, how likely it is someone will become infected, and  the body’s immune response to the coronavirus. Having immunity means that you were exposed to COVID-19, and have developed antibodies to the virus. We want to see if these antibodies will protect you from future infection. 

Determining how many people are infected with the virus and how many people have been exposed and have antibodies is essential for understanding the likelihood of future infection and the course of the pandemic. 

This information is vital to informing safe practices as the Bay Area moves away from shelter in place and returns to work and school. We will be providing real-time study results to inform policy makers on timing and best practices for returning to activities in the Bay Area. 

This study is funded by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and in partnership with Chan Zuckerberg Biohub


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